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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do you account for shrinkage?

A. We use three common log home techniques to account for settling; Thru-bolts all through the house, Slip joints for interior walls, and Keyways along doors and windows.

Q. How much shrinkage can we expect in our home?

A. We estimate 2 3/4 inches of shrinkage for a standard eight foot log wall.

Q. Do we need a log builder to complete our home?

A. No. Because everything above and below our logs can be conventional construction, a regular contractor should have no problem working on your home. Our experienced job site supervisor will assist you in the log lift.

Q. How long does it take from order to delivery of the logs?

A. Depending on the time of year, it generally runs anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks. This tends to be a good time frame. It allows you time to get the foundation and floor system in place before the logs arrive.

Q. What needs to be complete before the logs arrive?

A. Footings and foundation. Floor systems with 3/4 plywood. Knee walls in garage if needed must be framed and covered with plywood. Garage floor must be poured. House and garage must be within 1 inch square.

Q. Is it hard to finance a log home?

A. No. With the aggressiveness of todays mortgage industry coupled with the popularity of log homes, the number of options available to you are endless. From construction loans to 30 year fixed mortgages are getting easier and easier to the new log home owner.

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